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The Knox-Hanygnton House on the Hill of The O'Neill

The house on the Hill of The O'Neill was built by Thomas Knox Hanygnton in 1795.  He was a cousin of the Knox family, the landlords in Dungannon.  Knox-Hanygnton owned two banks, one in Dublin and one in Dungannon.  In 1816 his banks failed and he was forced to leave his house.  He and his wife went to live in Boulogne in Northern France.  He left his farm manager in charge of the house.

Thomas Knox-Hanygnton did, however, stay in touch with Dungannon.  Recently, a member of the Dungannon & South Tyrone History Forum, Robin Abbott, uncovered a collection of 80 letters which Knox-Hanyngton sent from Boulogne to his farm manager in Dungannon.  In these letters he regularly enquired about the large farm surrounding the house, and was anxious about the prices that were obtained for the produce of that farm.

After the deaths of the Knox-Hanyngtons and the farm manager, the house fell into a state of delapidation.  By the end of the nineteenth century, only four towers remained.   Today there are two towers and the remains of a corner of the original building.

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