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                                                                                   Stuart Hall

In the Spring of 1941 the stately home and grounds of Lord Castlestewart at Stuart Hall, Stewartstown, were gifted to the Ministry of Home Affairs ‘for the duration of the War’.  They were quickly transformed into a ‘hostel’ or ‘colony’ to accommodate mothers and children from Belfast, whose homes had been destroyed or damaged beyond repair in the Easter blitz.

Unique photographs from 1941 and 1942 of the Belfast evacuees in their unfamiliar rural surroundings have survived among the heirlooms of the Goorwitch family.

Belfast businessman Nathan Goorwitch was given the task of establishing and managing the Stuart Hall Evacuee Hostel, with the assistance of a local voluntary committee chaired by Lord Charlemont.

The photographs were probably taken by an official press photographer.  A fuller account of the Stuart Hall project can be found in The Bell, no. 14, journal of the Stewartstown Local History Society.

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