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Sensing the Past: Irish History Starts Here

Exploring Coleraine's fascinating heritage using senses other than sight.

Working alongside members of the local visually impaired community, Coleraine Museum ran a programme of eight sessions, workshops and trips, leading to the creation of an exhibition held in the Coleraine Town Hall in May and June 2015.

From Ireland's earliest known settlement at Mountsandel (nearly 10,000 years ago), to the first town of the Londonderry plantation and beyond, Coleraine holds a unique place in the history of this island. Our programme showcases the Coleraine Museum collection and this area's unique heritage in a way that is accessible to sighted and visually impaired visitors alike.

Please click on the link below for a copy of the final project report.

StP final report August 2015.pdf

For further information on the programme or exhibition, please contact
Coleraine Museum

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Programme Updates
Exhibition Details
Audio Descriptions

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