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Welcome to the Gelvin Community Archive!


This site exists to catalogue the local history undertaken by the Gelvin Historical Society. We hope that by exploring our site, you will learn more about Gelvin, its people and its history.

The site will act as an extension of the work already undertaken by the Society, namely its Townlands Project.

That project documented the history of families who lived in Gelvin, in both the present and the past. The project culminated in the publication of a book; "Gelvin: The Home Place", which was very well received and has since gone out of print. You can find out more about the Townlands Project and explore the stories of our townlands using the menu tabs on the left.

The Gelvin Historical Society is an offshoot of the Gelvin Community Association. To learn more about the association and its work, please click the appropriate menu tab to your left.

This archive is a work in progress and will continue to develop over time.

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