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Shared History Interpretative Project – SHIP

The project was set up to collect and communicated a shared history centred round the experiences of deep sea dockers, their families and area in which they lived.  It seeks to capture a culture which changed forever with the shifts in technology and working practices from the 1970s and recognise that almost everything that came into Belfast was physically handled by these men. 

The process is carried out in partnership with a range of partners, including Lagan Legacy, the Harbour Commissioners, Belfast City Council, Trades Unions and local historical/cultural organisations.  Whilst focussed on a particular history, the aim is also to develop value for the current community and empower people through connecting generations. 

The project is collecting oral histories, photographs and artefacts and also seeking to celebrate achievement through the naming of a ‘Docker’s Corner’ Garmoyle Street, as well as linking the past history to modern redevelopment in the area.